Brisfest 2018 Highlights

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Brisfest 2018 was officially launched at the Treasury’s The Lab and an unprecedented jaw-dropping live party on Queen Street Mall. The full disclosure was ACPA Gospel Choir rallying the crowd at a huge scale. This year’s fest features 600 performances spread across 17 venues, premiering eight brand new works.

100 of the performances are going to be completely free and more than 1,000 artists are getting involved, with some of the works exclusive to Brisbane. The 22-day festival is split into three theme acts and it seems we will get to see two huge Riverstage concerts headlined by famous Brisbands. There’s the thrice nightly City of Light, a local traditional story presented in spectacular fashion with a river fountain every night of the festival.

Some highlights include FoB favorite Strut & Fret’s, Eskimo Joe with Camerata, YUMMY, and Destroyer. Running September 8 – 29, Ball Park Music will kick off the festival, followed by big-ticket gigs and a light & laser show right in front of the Treasury. Benjamin Britten’s masterpiece Peter Grime, Yothu Yindi and The Treaty Project and so much more will take place, while Violent Soho will close the last week of the festival.

For thrills they have Treasury Brisbane Arcadia’s House of Mirrors, a large scale walk-through installation, for $15 at night. There are 15 tonnes of carefully arranged mirrors and 40 tonnes of steel, bearing a geometry illusion that is guaranteed to knock you off your feet. At the popular Pub Choir where 1,500 punters shall be learning a popular song in order to perform it, and the grand finale will be Sunsuper Rivefire, with a theme about Superheroes. We urge you not to miss this piece!

Brisfest 2018 phenomenon will have, of course, a variety of unstoppably performance art with dance, amazing theatre shows, and cabaret as well as food for everyone. Do check out this handy info as there has never been a bigger celebration, truly something worth seeing. Already halfway, Brisfest is truly in full swing with its fantastic music and inspiring new theatre keeping the party going and the atmosphere suitably pink.

Brisbane is full of breathtaking performances, countless laughs, and a whole lot of dancing, keeping the kids happy as well, with the Family Program at The Owl and the Pussycat. Lissa and Nee Nee have a Disco Rainbow Sparkle Band and fun for everyone waits at The I Hate Children Children’s Show Rock & Roll Spectacular and Kaput. There is a great vibe with lots of free entertainment and nice food.

The lovely water show and the 50 shades of pink are making the fun go out with a big bang, bigger and better than ever. Brisbane Festival’s three-week program is concentrated mainly on arts, comedy, and theatre and we highly suggest you head over to the Treasury Brisbane Arcadia hub to be in the center of this amazing city festival that closes, as we said, with a Night Party at Riverstage, on 29 September. Basically, everything that has to do with culture – from cabaret to visual arts, and music, can be experienced today at a very high level.