The highest paying jobs in Bristol

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Bristol is without a doubt one of the best cities to work in the United Kingdom. There are many big companies that hire people at all times, and they pay them extremely well, even those who are at an entry level. Furthermore, some jobs even have stratospheric salaries that many of us can only dream of. However, it seems that in case you have the right experience as well as the right skills, you can easily and quickly get hired. We will show you in this article what are the highest paying jobs in Bristol at the moment.

Maintenance manager

This is one of the best paid jobs in Bristol. Moreover, there are plenty of jobs like this available on the job market in this city, which is a huge advantage for all those who are looking for a maintenance manager position. The responsibilities of this role include planning and overseeing all repair as well as installation activities, developing the necessary maintenance procedures and ensuring implementation, checking electrical systems of buildings in order to ensure functionality, monitoring equipment inventory and expenses, keeping maintenance logs, and also ensuring health & safety policies are complied with.

Commercial project director

Those who are Senior Commercial Managers and are seeking for a one off position or would like to work on a major project in Bristol, should definitely choose this city because they have lots of amazing job opportunities. There are many big companies that recruit in this city. The commercial project director role involves all aspects from getting involved in the initial plan cost, as well as sub-contracting procurement through to delivery and final account. You will have the main responsibility over a team, and you will take part at all the meetings with clients and consultants, and you will report everything directly to the board.

Head of IT

This is another job that is highly paid in Bristol. The city is full of IT companies that hire people no matter the level of their experience. Therefore, whether you are an entry-level employee, mid-level, or a senior, you certainly have lots of chances to find the job of your dreams in this beautiful city. Due to the continued growth as well as acquisition, these companies are looking for experienced Head of IT in order to join them to help further shape the business. Being the head of IT involves several responsibilities such as IT Governance, IT strategy and planning, man-management of up to 10 technical individuals, and change implementation planning & management.

Operations manager

Are you looking for a well-paid operations manager? If so, then you should certainly try Bristol. There are many jobs of this type available and all of them offer extraordinary salaries. As an operations manager you will have to drive production activities as well as build residential schemes via the site teams, while ensuring that the customer quality and delivery expectations are met. Furthermore, you will also manage customer relationships through to delivery, attend client meetings as required, and bring a great contribution to the financial appraisal of development opportunities.