What to Do in Bristol

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There are so many great things about Bristol, so we’ve rounded up some of the best so you may never get bored. With all that choice, we wish to help you make the best decision when it comes to entertainment in this amazing city, whether you are into checking out nightclubs or getting a new perspective from the top of the Suspension Bridge. There’s plenty of things to keep you busy, including drinking, events world-class street art in the little city of ours.

Stretching from Whiteladies Road to the Suspension Bridge, there are The Downs, a massive area with more than enough room for sporty types or simply to admire the jaw-dropping views of the Suspension Bridge. The huge open green spaces houses dog walkers away from the hustle and hassle and Sunday leaguers in need to kick a ball without bothering others. This place should be on top of your list as it represents the lungs of the city.

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One of its most famous things about Bristol is the mind dazzling graffiti that pops up everywhere, from fiercely protected murals to public walls, vans, and windows. Bristol is covered in graff, and some of the best places to admire it are Nelson Street and Dean Lane skatepark. We suggest you might also take a look beneath the M32 flyover, where you will find impressive art pieces.

You might find yourself crossing the Suspension Bridge that is a masterpiece of engineering, first opened in 1864. Brunel’s greatest work is an internationally recognized icon that inspires sheer vertiginous awe. There’s nothing more impressive site in the city and you may join one of the daily tours, as it is the pride of the citizens.

In Bristol, they love a good bit of theatre and culture offering theatrical performances most nights of the week. From cutting-edge theatrics at the Redgrave to some internationally acclaimed touring shows at Old Vic, it’s all enlightening and intellectually invigorating. With a host of auditoriums of all sizes, Bristol has all the theatres luvvie-lovers like.

As we all know, Bristol is an old place with a few ghost stories attached to its pathways. The Haunted & Hidden walking tours are well worth the costs to see the haunted coaching inns and cinemas over the course of the 90 minutes. Bringing movie and TV locations to your attention as well, the spooky tales are woven into modern-day Bristol.

This being said, as you will see for yourself, there are plenty of iconic attractions for you in Bristol, whether you’re an animal-lover or theatre buff.