Why You Should Go to Events in Bristol

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In this article, we will present to you the ultimate list of reasons why you should attend some event in Bristol this year. With the incredible arrays of events that are taking place, 2018 will be simply unforgettable, so you can start planning ahead the 2019 festival season. Bristol has everything for everyone, whatever the weather may be, as it has one of the greatest festival markets in the United Kingdom.

When it comes to entertainment there are a lot of nightclubs including drinking in the city. Its live gigs will surely make you turn your attention towards the festival and events scene whether you’re into live music or wine as it has something for everyone. This year pays no exception as the city is bursting with a constantly evolving music scene and spectacular top events that were able to snatch the coolest artists.

This is why we rounded up the best of the fests that have plenty to tickle your taste buds and you won’t forget soon the fun you had in Bristol and the surrounding area. Bristol has been named the best place to live in the UK, giving a little feeling of pride for those who live here due to the city’s food scene and community spirit, things that make Bristol truly unique. From art to food and events, there is something that leaves you feeling inspired as it is hard to find a weekend without some activity going on.


The festival calendar is always full of the most amazing music festivals and delicious food. Brisfest 2018 just had an unprecedented live party on Queen Street Mall, featuring 600 performances spread across 17 venues and premiering eight brand new works. It was officially launched at the Treasury’s The Lab and the full disclosure was ACPA Gospel Choir rallying the crowd at a huge scale, this year.

One of its most famous things is the mind dazzling graffiti that can be found from fiercely protected murals to public walls. In Upfest we have Europe’s biggest celebration of street art, but there are also plenty of niche events in this rich history city. And when it comes to food, it is a huge part of local life to be discovered, with something new to eat every day of the year.

There are so many great things about Bristol and we wish to help you make the best decision through all the iconic attractions that make this place so alluring. In Bristol, they love a good bit of intellectually invigorating culture such as the cutting edge theatrics at the Redgrave. There are also a few ghost stories attached to its pathways and you can see the haunted coaching inns and hear the spooky tales with The Haunted & Hidden walking tours.

Whether you’re an animal-lover, theatre buff or sporty type, you will never get bored with all the choices in this amazing city. There are plenty of jaw-dropping things to keep you busy, stretching from Whiteladies Road to the Suspension Bridge, which you might find yourself crossing. This masterpiece of engineering is acknowledged as Brunel’s greatest work and there’s nothing more impressive as this pride of the citizens.