World’s fairest ticketing launched

The team behind Brisfest soundscape are using this event to launch their eagerly anticipated new ticketing system that promises “world’s fairest”, as part of their mission to support local artists and remain as inclusive as possible. The first of its kind, dubbed AAA ticketing, tickets will be sold on a Pay What You Decide basis, and profits shared amongst all performing artists.

AAA ticketing is fairer;

  • for Audiences – a new Pay What You Decide Model allows attendees to choose the price of their ticket, either opting for an affordable minimum ticket price, or donate more for extra rewards, knowing it goes to performing artists and charity.
  • for Artists – acts are paid fair fees for performing PLUS 50% of all profits from the event on top.
  • for Apprentices – The remaining proceeds go back into the charity and work with volunteers, helping to upskill and train our local community and provide routes into employment year round.

“It’s a new experiment in ticketing, a very left-field way of structuring an event and fairly distributing proceeds back to artists… and feels very ‘Bristol’. We’re really excited about it because it will directly benefit the creative people who make our city such a vibrant community.”

This has come following two years of planning and consultations with local musicians, who say that as the record industry has changed, artists now rely on paid gigs more than ever, as record sales generated by exposure don’t really exist any more at this level.

“We have a strong community here in Bristol, and giving people the chance to directly support our local music industry, whilst having a good time is what we’re all about. We are a charity set up to support and promote local music, art and culture so using Brisfest :soundscape to directly support local artists and venues is vital to us, as well as giving back through training and volunteering.