Line Up

Brisfest :soundscape 2016 Line Up

Brisfest invites the whole of Bristol to take a tour through its home-grown musical landscape with Brisfest :soundscape festival on the 30th July.

Let us take you on a trip around  some of our favourite areas of Bristol’s soundscape across 15 iconic city venues for 15 hours and with tickets starting at just £15.

We have a finely crafted, all Bristol lineup for you. From well known current treasures to inspiring pioneers, explore, discover, celebrate the sounds Bristol is cultivating in its studios and venues. From the captivating stage presence of ‘Eva Lazarus’,  noise rock media stars ‘Spectres’, to originators of the Bristol sound ‘Smith and Mighty’, Ibiza favourites ‘Gotsome’, ethereal songstresses ‘The Honeyfire’,  much talked about uplifting indie of New Carnival, the unbelievable turntable skills of the Allergies, And street soul from festival stars Laid Blak. This is your opportunity to really hear and know your city. This is the most exciting coming together of your cities artists.

Curated by organisations including Bristol 24/7, Temple Records, CYN, Recreo, Jeli Records, Wild, Rough Draft, Tremor, Swing ‘n’ Tingz, and of course the Brisfest volunteers and mentors, it’s a one-of-a-kind collaboration between stars of your unique local music scene: from grassroots venues who shine a spotlight on Bristol talent, local record labels who nurture their development, to promoters and programmers who support and push them to make Bristol an international musical heavyweight.

Venues. The Station and Courtyard, The Island, The Old Courts and Prison Cells, The Mother’s Ruin, The Fleece, Stag & Hounds, The Exchange, Small Horse Bar, The Louisiana, Crofter’s Rights, No.51, Start the Bus, Mr Wolf’s, and the Doghouse.

Including genres: Punk, folk, rock’n’roll, indie, ska, swing, jazz, latin, hip hop, electro swing, soul, disco, house, roots, reggae, dub,funk, old skool, RnB, garage, bassline, drum’n’bass, jungle, techno, electro, EBM, dub.

“It’s about bringing Bristol music to the forefront of audience attention. Brisfest is the showcase of our future stars, of the hottest new acts from the region, ones to watch across all genres. From rock bands to reggae, hip hop to hardcore, folk to funk there’s a compilation of styles being produced here; it’s about exploring our current Bristol sounds. ” – Bristol Festival Community Group


Smith & Mighty, Spectres, Kahn, Break & Carasel, Allergies, Mr Woodnote, Eva Lazarus and lil Rhys, GotSome, Komon, Ishmael, Thrilogy, DJ October, The Carny Villains, Mad Apple Circus, Rogora Khart, The 45s, Gaz Brookfield, New Carnival, Towers, Dutty Moonshine, Riddim Wize (feat; RSD, Scotty, Hippy Lee, Joe Peng), Heaven Asunder, DJ Cheeba,

Contraband Breaks Ensemble, Cousin Kula, Daisy Moon, Feel the Real Soundsystem,, Hold Tight Records, Jaydrop, Just Jack DJs, Laid Blak Soundsystem, MC Kelz, Mr Whompy DJ’s, Oliver Wilde, Sasha Steppa, She Makes War, Speaker Crew, The Kelly Twins, This is DA, Butcher Berkeley, Vena Cava, Syren City, Wildflowers, White Bully Soundsystem (Live PA),

3rd Space, Autogenesis, Beats in a Box Takeover, Osh Kosh, Mook, MT Golaith, The Convicts, Bodywork, Deli G, Boogie Café, Butcher DJ, China Bowls, Daddy Long Legs, DJ Usagi drop & Offbeat, Tremor All stars feat. Howla, Octo pi, Stitch & Twitchee, Dominic Strutton, Don Johnston ft Trotfox, Doozer McDooze, El Choop, Everyday Sidekicks, Evie Woods, Family Jools, Fate and Fiction DJs, Fifteen Years, Flowerpot, Gratitude, Harri Larkin, Healer, James Kelley, Jesuits, Kitchen Punk, DJ Koi, Lauren Martin, Lice, Lucy Hellier, Lunar Cartel, Magdalen, Mr Remarkable, Nicholson Heal, Mark Nichols, Phat Chex, PIFF DJs, Polly Rorison, Poppy, Purpura Music (SoulTrain Radio) Rain, Ria Timkin, Rough Draft Residents, Sam Hall, Sazzey The Honeyfire, Scarlett , Soeur, Stay Hungry, Strange, Swingers, The After Hours, The Dead Royalities, The Future History, The Happy Few, The Karma Repair Kit, The Shadow Blasters, Twitchee Cordz with DJ Alexi, Van Zeller, Zen Zero

One wristband is all you need to explore throughout the day and night. Available to you using Brisfest’s innovative world’s first, world’s fairest AAA system as part of Brisfest’s mission to support local artists and remain as inclusive as possible.

The first of its kind, dubbed AAA ticketing, tickets will be sold on a Pay What You Decide basis, and profits shared among all performing artists.

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